The Adventures Of Fruity Bear (Heat Wave)

‘Oh my goodness it is so hot in the forest today.’

Said Amy to her brother.

‘I know. Fancy joining me down by the lake with my gang for a swim.’

Said Fruity with a polite offer.

‘I will just take you up on that. Thank you Fruity, I shall see you soon.

Said his sister and she went off on her journey for the day.

When Fruity finally left the cave he made his way onto the forest floor, whispered quietly to Mr Owl and said ‘Good morning.’ Then made his way past Mr and Mrs Duck saying good morning to them and the baby ducks, then he past Mr Rabbits house and said good morning to him.

The oddest thing was happening though. Non of the other residents Fruity had said good morning to were either in, nor were they replying with good morning themselves.

Fruity arrived at the lake, there were rows and rows of residents, all of them facing in the same direction, all of them staring into the lake.

‘Excuse me, excuse me.’

Said Fruity as he had to squeeze past everybody as he was trying to get to the front.

When Fruity finally arrived at the front, his facial expression matched that of everyone else’s. Shock.

All the residents had their mouths wide open in a state of shock. The lake had no water in it.

‘What are we going to do?’

Asked one of the residents to Fruity.

‘Me? I don’t know. I have never come across this before.’

Replied Fruity.

‘Please Fruity. We need the lake to have fun in. Especially in all of this heat.’

Cried Adam.

When Fruity seen Adam’s sad face he accepted the challenge.

Fruity then walked out into the dry lake and gave a speech to the residents of the forest.

‘I am going to find out where the water is for our lake and bring it back!’

He yelled.

And of course as always he was accompanied by his great friends and allies. Sam, Bill, Harry, Leo, Peter and Foxy.

‘So where do we begin?’

Asked Sam.

‘I think we should begin at the dam.’

Said Leo.

‘I am with Leo. That sounds like a good idea.’

Said Fruity agreeing with Leo.

Then the gang set out up the lake path heading towards the dam.
So off the gang walked up the lake’s stream following the now muddy and drying out path.

Many other residents from over the forest had come down to the lake, with the intention to either drink from it or play in it, but they couldn’t, and their face was a familiar sight.

‘What are we hoping to find?’

Asked Foxy.

‘Or not to find?’

Asked Bill.

That made the gang laugh a little.

‘Well the cause as to what is going on here.

Said Sam.


Said Fruity as he agreed with what Sam had stated.

Eventually the gang arrived at the damn wall, but it did not look right. Something about it was odd.

‘Ok mount em up!’

Shouted Fruity.

So the gang all reached into their own backpacks, pulled out their utility belts, tied it around themselves, and put on their plunger climbers.

Then the gang dashed their bags to the side of the forest and started climbing up the dry walls of the damn.

The only sound that could be heard was that of groaning and the pads sucking to and from the walls.

It was a tough task for the gang, and very tiresome, but they knew they needed to find out why there was no water flowing through the forest.

Eventually they arrived that the top of the dam and pulled themselves over onto the other side of the long wall.

‘So what now?’

Asked Leo.

‘Now, now we make our way up to the cabin in this baking heat to find out why the water is not flowing.’

Said Fruity.

Then the gang began their long walk to find out exactly why the water was not flowing.

The gang were tired and about ready to collapse.

‘Fruity mate, I’ve had it.’

Cried Harry.

‘Come on pal, just a few more yards, then we will be able to feel that cool refreshing water on our bodies once again.’

Said Fruity, as even he struggled in this exhausting heat.

Fruity picked up his buddy Harry and carried him on his shoulder.

Eventually the gang all arrived at the cabin that controls the controls for the dam.

The gang all collapsed in a heap at how hot it was increasingly becoming, but not Fruity, he stayed defiant until the end.

‘Don’t worry guy’s, I will find out what is going on.’

He said trying to install belief in his crew.

Off he trekked to the control room.
Then there, behind the door as he opened it slowly were two mini fire flames turning the cog to keep the water from flowing, and as they turned the cog with joy on their faces, they were becoming hotter and hotter, and in turn heating up the forest.

‘What are you two doing?’

Asked Fruity.

‘Were having fun. What are you doing?’

Asked the two little fire flames.

‘Not liking the heat you two are generating. The heat you two are generating has stopped the water from flowing into the forest.’

‘But we like this we are having fun.’

Replied the two little fire flames.

Then Fruity thought up a great thought.

‘What if I could take you guys some where that would be all your own, you would have so much fun and can continue to get hotter and hotter.’

Said Fruity.

Suddenly the mini fire flames stopped turning the cog and agreed to go with Fruity.

The cog now released the water to flow into the forest, and Fruity took the little fire flames over to an inactive volcano.

‘Here you go guys, this is an inactive volcano, so here you can run around and around as much as you like, and make as much heat as you…’

Fruity did not even manage to finish the offer to the mini fire flames, as the two of them dived straight in and ran around in a happy nature.

‘Now time for some time in the pool me thinks.’

Said Fruity to himself.

‘Why go in the pool Fruity when you could do what those two were doing and stop the water flow.’

Said his alter ego.

Fruity thought about it, then said…


So off he went back to the lake to play with his buddies in this hot baking heat wave.

Fruity is now cooling off in the lake with his buddies, but he will return with another adventure tomorrow.


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